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Company Background
In an effort to create a shelf-stable version of a beverage made in his family for generations, our founder, Michael Bateman, stumbled upon a first in culinary history. A culinary powder that can be used for much more than beverages, now known as Crème-Delish® Culinary Powder. Crème-Delish® Culinary Powder is a food & beverage enhancer, utilized across all the culinary arts, to create sweet and savory dishes. Mr. Bateman has worked with content creators for over two years to have them put this amazing powder through all kinds of testing in an effort to understand it’s abilities and limitations. After the first year he reached out to one of the content creators, chef Steve Smith, in an effort to find out how the public would react to food made with Crème-Delish Culinary Powder.

Together, Mr. Bateman and Chef Steve opened a mobile kitchen called More Than Pasta – Cuisine For A Cause. From this mobile kitchen and catering service, they offer authentic Italian cuisine, much of which is created using Crème-Delish Culinary Powder. The response in the first year was nothing less than incredible. After a year of service, More Than Pasta has had over 60 reviews and holds a five-star rating on Google. Our patent pending Culinary Powder is used in all the desserts available from More Than Pasta, as well as, many of the weekly entree specials. The reviews tell the story! Crème-Delish passes the professional and culinary enthusiast test, as well as the public taste test, with amazing results. Now our focus is to introduce Crème-Delish Culinary Powder to the world.
Crème-Delish® Culinary Powder Fact Sheet
  • Enhances both sweet & savory dishes
  • Reduce or eliminate ingredients normally used in a recipe
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Can be utilized wet or dry
  • A shelf-stable powder that will last for months without refrigeration
  • Great for baking as well as cooking
  • Great in beverages and frozen or refrigerated recipes
  • Improves flavors and texture
  • Low sodium content
  • All natural ingredients
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Unique flavor profile
  • Simplifies the cooking and baking process for many dishes
  • No fillers or anti-clumping agents
  • Patent pending
Crème-Delish® Key People
Michael Bateman – CEO – An entrepreneur for over 35 years, Michael has been a pioneer in technology for decades and in that time, he has had the opportunity to develop some incredible and fun projects, as well as creating some of his own. He was contracted by The Right Bank of Texas to develop the first Internet based Home Loan Documentation Management system, which was later approved by the OCC. He won the bid to write the first camera management system for Montgomery County Texas, which gave them full control over all the intersection cameras from a central monitoring station. He was awarded a patent by the USPTO for a technology he developed, some of which was highlighted by a business-to-business magazine named Growth, in an article titled "Technologies That Work". He developed a technology company whose technology was used in multiple releases through a Sony/BMG record label, D-Town Music Group. This later led to negotiating a partnership with Chris Lighty, the owner of Violator Records and Brand Asset Group. Today he focus on his latest invention Crème-Delish® Culinary Powder in an effort to introduce it to the world.

Danae Bateman – COO – Danae has over 30 years’ experience in business and office management. She has helped grow companies from the ground up, reaching $500,000 monthly gross revenue with CedarCide Industries in Spring Texas, and has a well-rounded understanding of department management, customer relations, and business logistics. She has worked closely with Michael for almost 30 years, aiding in business strategies and negotiations in multiple IT ventures.

Chef Steve – Executive Chef – Steve is a chef with more than 23 years in professional kitchens, mostly fine dining and tapas style cuisine. He is from Akron/Cleveland Ohio, and, by the age of 42, had worked, and started restaurants, for the Cleveland Guardians, Cleveland Cavs, Akron RubberDucks, multiple hospitality groups, and Rock and Roll Food Trucks. Having never attended culinary school, he learned his craft by working his way up the ranks through hard work and dedication to the profession. He has worked with the top chefs in Cleveland, food conventions, kitchen stadiums, Netflix shows, and has done private events for professional athletes and celebrities. He is a partnered Charity Twitch content creator who started a charity stream team called Good Cause Crusaders, which, to date, has raised around $400,000 dollars for St. Jude and Starlight Children’s Foundation.
Crème-Delish® FAQ
  • What is Crème-Delish Culinary Powder? Our Culinary Powder is a food and beverage enhancer, utilized across all the culinary arts, to create sweet and savory dishes.
  • What does Crème-Delish Taste Like? Crème-Delish has a unique cinnamon and vanilla flavor profile loved by over 97% of the people who try it.
  • What can I make with Crème-Delish? Crème-Delish has been used to create a wide range of recipes such as mixed drinks, lobster sauce, duck sauce, cookies, cakes, ice cream, shrimp, fish, chili, marinara, caramelized onions, lasagna, moussaka, waffles, French toast, crepes and donuts. We encourage you to try it in any recipe, just keep in mind that nobody wants cinnamon and vanilla marinara, so keep the usage to small amounts in savory dishes.
  • How does it work? Crème-Delish utilizes vanilla to help bring out the flavors in a recipe, cinnamon to add depth to the flavors, and cream to improve texture. A small amount in savory dishes helps to bring out the flavors without overpowering the dish while using more in sweet dishes provides a cinnamon and vanilla flavor to the recipe improving both flavor and texture.
  • Does Crème-Delish Have MSG In It? No, there is no MSG included in Crème-Delish. In fact, there is very little salt in Crème-Delish Culinary Powder at all.
  • How much do you use in a recipe? While you will want to use small amounts in savory dishes, like a teaspoon or less in a pot of marinara or to caramelize an onion, you can use more in sweet dishes. Each person uses a bit different amount based on their desired outcome but, for a batch of cookies or a cake, we recommend not using more than half the amount of flour in a recipe. If your using 1 cup of flour then half a cup of Crème-Delish Culinary Powder would be the most you want to use. If you are putting it in milk to drink as a beverage, you add a tablespoon for each ounce of milk, which would be the heaviest concentration of Crème-Delish you would most likely use in any recipe.
  • Is it sold in retails stores? At this time, we are not selling Crème-Delish from any location other than our website. We did sell it for a short time on Amazon but due to the fees from Amazon it was costing our customers more and we were having send people to Amazon for them to purchase. We were already selling from our website so it did not make much sense to send our customers to Amazon, rather than our website, and have them pay more for it. As public awareness continues to grow, we would consider selling in grocery stores, but without public awareness the product will not sell through and we will have to buy that product back from the stores because it went out of date.
Media Kit Videos

Crème-Delish Culinary Powder - The Food & Beverage Enhancer

Crème-Delish Culinary Powder - Professionals & Culinary Enthusiasts

Darth Makes Creme-Delish Bananas Foster French Toast

Chef PLR Makes Curry Beef Tarts

Creme-Delish In The Kitchen

Public Taste Tests

Crème-Delish® Testimonials
So delicious!!
It's so tasty. The vanilla and cinnamon, mmmmm. My family and I have tried it in milk and tea so far and we absolutely love it. Clumps at first but dissolves right after. I can't wait to do more with it! (Definitely should have gotten the bigger bag)
~Savannah M-C
Amazing product!
Amazing product! Try it on pork you won’t regret it!
~ Alexa Molle
It is incredible!
This product is a must have if you like to play in the kitchen. Add it to your cookies, drinks, cakes. Tons of uses !!! I even made a dry rub for chicken wings with it. Highly recommend!
~ Mike Webster
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Size: 12 oz
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