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Crème-Delish Ambassadors are culinary arts professionals, who we have partnered with, in an effort to provide content that will help you get the most out of using Crème-Delish. In some of the recipes on our site you will find a video, of an Ambassadors who has made the recipe your looking at, to give you a bit more insight on how the dish was made.
Crème-Delish Affiliates are food and drink content creators that range from culinary arts professionals to people who just like to cook, bake, or make beverages. These exceptional content creators use Creme-Delish in the dishes, treats, and beverages they make and share their experiences with you.
Additionally, these are some great people who stream online making all types of delicious food. They like to have fun with their community while educating them on different techniques, flavors, and recipes. Take a moment to watch a few videos or visit their live stream and interact with them live. Either way you will have a great time watching what they make and who knows, you may learn a little bit about a recipe you love.
Creme-Delish Amassadors
Chef Steve
Experience: 24 Year(s)
It’s never about YOU or how big or small of a streamer you are, or how much you raise, $1 or a million dollars. There is no competition between any of us. We are all part of the same team and it’s up to us all to be the change and make a difference and stand up together for whatever cause it may be because community matters!
Recipes: 7
Chef Robert
Experience: 34 Year(s)
I started cooking right out of high school, I worked for the ministry of defense in the UK first, and then met my wife and came to the US, She was serving in the US Air Force at the time, and I was learning my trade wherever we moved to next. I worked in Hotels, Golf Courses, Hospital Kitchens, Restaurant Bars, Colleges, and also back to the Military kitchens where it all began, anything that I could do to help, but stay involved in the industry, my wife and I purchased a Bed and Breakfast in Upstate NY in 2017 and have been somewhat successful with that venture and it continues to build, I also took an Executive Chef position in April at a new restaurant here in the area called The Junction at Alder Creek. You may see the stream from that kitchen very shortly on twitch as we are working on getting everything up and running there too.
Recipes: 0
Crème-Delish Affiliates
Baker Lissanth
2 Year(s) Streaming
I bake something on Twitch once a week.
Recipes: 0
Content Creator Rusty
4 Year(s) Streaming
We are a married couple that is learning to cook, loves to talk, and also Explore. You can find us streaming on Twitch.
Recipes: 2
Content Creator whiskey
3 Year(s) Streaming
From Boston & Costa Rica | Chef???????, Mixologist ??, Cosplayer, Twitch Streamer, Dancer, Retired Gamer (COD) | I am loving, chatty, fun, & salty | ??! I also have a community of small streamers and friends supporting each other in my discord.
Recipes: 0
Content Creator Kyle
4 Year(s) Streaming
My name is Kyle. I stream from Orlando, FL with my partner ThatFunkieMunkie.I am a home cook and I have been cooking for about 14 years. My family did not have family recipes so I have worked to learn the skills I needed to create my own. This brand is dedicated to helping you strengthen your connection by making date nights a priority. We share dinners, drinks, desserts and date night ideas. I hope our streams will help you learn new recipes, have fun and be inspired to have more date nights, whether it is a self care date night for you, a date night with your partner or a date with your friends or family. We hope you will be inspired to have more date nights in!
Recipes: 0
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